Lena Kelly Porn Executive Assfucked

In this new and totally not inspired by real-life events update I'm meeting with hotshot porn executive Tony Orlando who oversees casting. Come to find out they are removing me from the regular rotation of girls! Why you ask? Well apparently I have just too many tattoos for Kevyn up in corporate so they're giving me the boot. However I have a boot of my own that I'm going to stick knee-deep in Tony's ass for even entertaining the thought! I clock him over the head with a big black butt-plug (one from Kevin Spacey's personal collection), and he wakes up tied to the sink with all that BDSM gear he was cleaning! How unfortunate (*sniff sniff*). Did I mention there was a boot going in his ass before? That boot is actually my rock hard cock and I'm turning him into my bitch today. I skullfuck him right in the mouth and then fuck his ass in all manner of positions! He tries to make a break for it but it's no use! I cum a BIG dripping load and rub it into his fucked hole with my cock. Then I make him cum while I make him eat my asshole and then make him lick it up! Nobody takes work from Lena Kelly!